List of Speakers

The presentations of third edition of Flinovia can be downloaded here


Keynote Lecture

Juvé Daniel - Ecole Centrale Lyon (France) [Extended Abstract]

Measurements of wall pressure wavenumber-frequency spectra: experimental challenges and recent advances



Abshagen Jan - Bundeswehr Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapon (Germany) [Extended Abstract]

Underwater flow noise from turbulent boundary layers over inhomogeneous surfaces

Astolfi Jacques André - Ecole Navale Brest (France) [Extended Abstract]

Some Aspects of Experimental Investigations of FIV in a Hydrodynamic Tunnel for Naval Applications

Binet Dimitri - Free Field Technologies (Belgium) [Extended Abstract]

Numerical predictions of the vibro-acoustic transmission through the side window subjected to aerodynamic loads

Bremner Paul - aerohydroPLUS (USA) [Extended Abstract]

Vibration and Acoustic Response to Non-stationary and non-Gaussian Random Flow Loading

Chevillotte Fabien - MATELYS (France) [Extended Abstract]

Effect of the fluid-structure interaction on the wave propagation in hydro-electric power plants

Ciappi Elena - CNR - INSEAN (Italy) [Extended Abstract]

Bio-inspired surfaces to reduce vibration induced by the turbulent boundary layer

Caro Stéphane- Dassault Systemes (France)

         Using CFD to characterize loads in Vibro-Acoustic models

Croaker Paul - University of New South Wales (Australia) [Extended Abstract]

Flow-induced noise produced by a blunt edged flat plate in a reverberant water tunnel

DeJong Richard - Calvin College (USA) [Extended Abstract]

Chase vs. Corcos TBL loading

Devenport Willian - Virginia Tech (USA) [Extended Abstract]

Acoustic metamaterials in flow (CANCEL)

Doolan Con - University of New South Wales (Australia) [Extended Abstract]

Drone propeller noise under static and steady inflow conditions

Errico Fabrizio - Ecole Centrale Lyon (France) [Extended Abstract]

Wave Finite Element schemes for vibrations and noise under Turbulent Boundary Layer excitation

Ganesh Harish - University of Michigan (USA) [Extended Abstract]

Using Data-Driven Reduced Order Methods as a Post Processing Tool to Understand Cavitating Flow Induced Noise

Hambric Stephen - Pennsylvania State University (USA) [Extended Abstract]

A tale of three TBL excited plates

Haxter Stefan - DLR (Germany) [Extended Abstract]

Piggyback: What we can learn about the Turbulent Boundary Layer from closed Test Section Acoustic Array Measurements

Hugues Florian - UTC Compiègne (France) [Extended Abstract]

Prediction of flow induced vibrations of straight ducts taking into account acoustic and turbulent components

Imamura Taro - University of Tokyo (Japan) [Extended Abstract]

Acoustic and Aerodynamic Simulation using Cartesian Grid based Compressible Flow Solver, UTCart

Karimi Mahmoud - UNSW (Australia) [Extended Abstract]

Viboracoustic response of a panel subject to a turbulent boundary layer excitation

Leblond Cédric - Naval-Group (France)  [Extended Abstract]

Toward the vibroacoustic response prediction of a curved panel under a turbulent boundary layer

Leclère Quentin - INSA-Lyon (France) [Extended Abstract]

A comparison between different wall pressure measurement devices for the separation and analysis of the TBL and acoustic contributions

Leung Randolph - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) [Extended Abstract]

Leveraging flow-induced vibration for manipulation of airfoil tonal noise

Maury Cédric University of Aix-Marseille (France) [Extended Abstract]

Absorption and transmission of boundary layer noise through micro-perforated structures: measurements and modellings

Meyer Valentin - Naval-Group (France) [Extended Abstract]

Radiated noise from fluid loaded stiffened shells subject to a turbulent boundary layer

Robin Olivier - University of Sherbrooke (Canada) [Extended Abstract]

Space-time (2D+T) spectral synthesis for studying vibration of and radiated noise from structures under a turbulent boundary layer excitation

Skvortsov Alex - Defence Science and Technology (Australia) [Extended Abstract]

A viscoelastic model of  rough-wall boundary-layer noise

Zhang Xin - Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology (Hong Kong) [Extended Abstract]

Broadband aerodynamic noise simulation using synthetic turbulence

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